September 12-13 2018. Jurmala, Latvia

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New Top-Level Domains are the main trend of TLDCON 2013

Second exhibition day of TLDCON 2013 was opened with what has already become a traditional conference section “Law and Internet”. The leader of the section Uliana Zinina (Microsoft) called new top-level domains (new gTLD) jurisdictions and domain conflicts issues as main trends in domain industry legal sphere. more

TLDCON 2013: IDN-domains need a full email

TLDCON 2013 conference went on working with the section “Business-models: cyrillic top-level domains (IDN TLDs)” which was held by Irina Danelia (Coordination Center for TLD RU). The section attracted participants representing registries of already existing IDN-domains and those who had just applied. The main topics of the section were IDN-domains email launch and perspectives of new top-level domains development. more

TLDCON2013: IDN-domains support can expand Internet audience

September 11, 6th International conference for ccTLD registries and registrars of CIS, Central and Eastern Europe opened in Greece. (TLDCON 2013) This year the conference was attended by more than 130 representatives of national registries and registrars from 24 countries in the world. The conference has been organized by the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ and Technical Center of Internet with ICANN support. Informational sponsors of the conference is the sectorial informational- analytical agency IT-Expert and news portal “Infonik”. more

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